New York City: The Foudation Of The Business Of Hip-Hop


In New York City many people have turned their unique talents into thriving businesses and even spawned lucrative, impactful industries. One powerful example of that is hip-hop culture. Hip-hop culture is an industry that generates billions of dollars each year. And the art and business of hip-hop was born and grew into a major business in New York City. Talented, visionary artists in the Bronx began rapping over new beats and old records in free jam sessions held in parks and playgrounds. Dancers, graphic artists and fashion designers contributed their talents and hip-hop culture was born.


Today the business of hip-hop has been embraced globally and continues to make millions of people rich and happy. The commodification of the creative self-expression that’s at the heart of hip-hop culture caught much of the world by storm. In New York City they recorded the rhyming boasts and profound social commentary of young people over a background of infectious beats and sampled soundtracks and created an art form that continues to strike a chord with young people all over the planet. And hip-hop has grown into a business that feeds families and gives people hope.


In New York City the business of hip-hop includes the marketing of clothing, art, jewelry and a wide range of accessories. It is a business model that has helped to generate income for singers, dancers, painters and graffiti artists and has transformed visionary, creative people in diverse communities throughout the city into record executives, filmmakers, writers, photographers and more. Hip-hop music, art and dress is now used as a marketing tool by major corporations to attract young consumers. And the business of hip-hop continues to grow with no end in sight.


The thriving business of hip-hop is just another example of New York’s willingness to embrace new business ideas. In other cities hip-hop culture had been marginalized and pushed aside. In New York City the elements of hip-hop were embraced, commoditized, promoted and turned into a business opportunity for the savvy. Hip-hop clubs now do a booming business while hip-hop artists tour the world and perform in front of millions of people as rappers, dancers and musicians. Artists that have captured the hip-hop ethos now display their work in art galleries and host art shows in the four corners of the globe.


Today, businesses based on hip-hop include music, art and dance classes, fashion design, clothing manufacturers, recording studios, telephone apps and much more. There are even college majors focused on elements of hip-hop culture. Some radio stations built on the strength of their ability to provide the latest, hippest, hip-hop music to a growing audience tuned in on the radio and on the internet. The business of marketing hip-hop culture has become pervasive in modern society. Hip-hop beats are now used in religious music and as teaching tools able to capture and hold the attention of a new generation.


The business of hip-hop was born in New York and continues to thrive there. While the rest of the world endeavors to learn about hip-hop culture, it oozes from the pores of New Yorkers from all corners of the city. In New York City the business of hip-hop has obliterated racial and cultural barriers. Latin flavored hip-hop is among the fastest growing genres. Indian-influenced hip-hop music has a growing audience worldwide. Madison Avenue marketing executives extol the virtues of hip-hop culture as a marketing tool companies can use to reach out to new markets more effectively.


New York City and the business of hip-hop are inextricably intertwined. Many people can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

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