How to Become a Certified Small Business Owner as a Veteran



As a veteran of the United States your service was valuable to the country’s safety. If you’re thinking it’s all over, then think again. The country needs people like you to create small businesses to keep our economy running smoothly. New York state even has incentives to get started. We will get to that, but first the basics.


First, you need to know the rules for certification. You have to file for certification once you are ready to start your business. This requires filing under one of many styles of small business.


– Limited liability cooperation

– Limited liability partnership

– Corporation

– Non-profit

– Trust


Each of these is different, but you must choose one before filing with New York. You must fill out the form to apply for certification here. This allows you to receive a license in the mail for your small business.


Once you have that filed you can start looking into the many benefits of filing as a veteran. The primary benefits are tax incentives. To qualify you must meet the following requirements as well.


– You must have served in the United States military in any capacity.

– Upon departure, you need to have left in good standing without any disciplinary issues.

– If disabled, then you must have lost use of a form of capacity, be it physical or otherwise.


If you fall under that you can use tax incentives when filing your taxes for your new small business. This has allowed many veterans who had no livelihood otherwise, to have their own business. They can experience the feeling of success and get on with life in a way that benefits their country economically. You can do the same thing if you are a veteran.


If all of the above is in place, then you can go forward and connect with some benefits of being a veteran with a new startup. It is a resource that offers everything you need for a new small business. A mentor will be assigned to you to help guide you through those few years. That’s when many businesses fail. Participating in Start-Up New York can help you starting out.


There are government grants which you can apply for as well. When you start a new business you need funding. They have certain requirements as well. Here is a list to get started.


Council on Foundations

The Foundation Center

Fundsnet Online Services

Getting Grants

Grants and Related Resources



Learn Philanthropy

National Center for Cheritable Statistics

Nonprofit Fund-raising Web Resources

Non Profit Good Practice

On Philanthrophy


Creating a small business in New York is simple and can benefit the state of New York. It also helps the economic situation here in the United States. Small business is what this country is all about. You can take your valuable experienced gained in the military and make your mark again.

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